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Doctors, patients and even celebrities have recommended the ProMigraine program.


Doctor Recommendation


I would enthusiastically recommend it to my patients.

Every migraine sufferer should have a copy of Niamh Flynn’s book. It has excellent advice on management of this distressing condition. Niamh Flynn discusses the trigger factors, advises on conventional treatment and discusses commonly used remedies. She also has great techniques for pain management and stress reduction which would be invaluable even if you did not have migraine. There should be more of this kind of book about. It is well written, clear and safe. I would enthusiastically recommend it to my patients.

Dr Pat Harold MB MICGP


 Jeanne O’Gorman - Ex migraine sufferer 

Patient Recommendation


My life has utterly changed. I’ve started living a life free of migraines.

 Jeanne O’Gorman Ex migraine sufferer 

Doctor Recommendation


I recommend it to anyone who suffers with this illness or to friends of such people.

I read Niamh Flynns book with interest and I found a lovely book outlining the different strategies that can be employed to combat this debilitating illness. Niamh covers  a very wide spectrum of approaches to the condition and her own specialty, hypnosis, is a part of that. She comes also from the place of having dealt with migraine herself. I found the book informative and at the same time pleasant to read. There is an easy going style about it and at the same time direct and to the point. It left  me with a peaceful feeling, a sense that there is help available in the information on these pages, and a sensitivity to people with this condition that is healing in itself. I recommend it to anyone who suffers with this illness or to friends of such people.

Mr. Brendan Harding Consultant Surgeon and Jungian Sand Play Therapist, Portiuncula Hospital.

Celebrity Recommendation


For anyone looking for a natural, drug free solution… I recommend ordering the ProMigraine Program today.

The ProMigraine Audio Hypnosis Program is a great program for migraine sufferers. The MP3s are very relaxing and, as the research has proven, they work quickly. The ProMigraine book is filled with practical information and solutions which will be helpful to people with migraines. For anyone looking for a natural, drug-free solution to treating migraines I recommend ordering the ProMigraine Program today.

James Brown Celebrity Hairdresser

Patient Recommendation


I listen to the CD’s two to three times a week.

Kevin Hall Ex migraine sufferer

Kevin Hall - Ex migraine sufferer

Celebrity Recommendation

Ryan-D-Big (1)


If you suffer with migraines this ProMigraine Program might be all you need. It’s unique approach to curing migraines puts the power back in the migraine sufferers hands. It helps you identify what is causing your migraines and then outlines lots of different solutions. All the medical jargon is simplified and it is very easy to read. Lots of life lessons too!

Ryan Dior Public figure 



Patient Recommendation


ProMigraine has changed my life actually. I can’t thank you enough.

Ray Elliott Ex migraine sufferer

Ray Elliott - Ex migraine sufferer



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