Full Course Digital MP3 Download


Get the full ProMigraine Program as a digital MP3 download. This is the quickest and most cost effective way to get the complete set of audio tracks which will make a massive difference to anyone who suffers from migraines. After payment, the full ProMigraine MP3 set will automatically download to your computer so you can start enjoying the massive health benefits of the ProMigraine Program immediately.

*Please note: This product is only suitable for those who have been diagnosed with migraine by their GP or neurologist.



As a migraine sufferer you will know how debilitating migraines can be and how they can compromise your ability to plan activities, arrange social outings and how they can even prevent you from working.  This mp3 was carefully researched and specifically designed to enable you to

  • Feel more in control of your migraines 
  • Achieve deep levels of relaxation 
  • Stimulate thought processes to inspire confidence in your ability to work more, play more and do more



The visceral pain of migraine can be horrific. Sometimes a dark room with absolute peace and quiet can seem like the only solution.  This powerful mp3 evolved during the three years research dedicated to understanding hypnosis and how it can alleviate the misery of migraine.  Listen to this mp3 and discover:

  • A new way of reducing pain severity
  • How you can master the art of visualizing the TAP technique and imagine pain flowing away even as you think about it



The mind and body are inextricably linked. Before you take action, a thought comes to mind and so precedes that action. Sometimes those thoughts are conscious and sometimes they are at a deeper subconscious level, a level which you may or may not be aware of. This enchanting mp3 guides you to enter a beautiful old castle where your subconscious mind can

  • Uncover subconscious beliefs about your migraine
  • Wipe out those beliefs you wish to destroy
  • Create new belief systems about you and the place which migraine will or will not have in your life in the future



It is known that stress is the biggest single contributory factor for migraine. Various food types are often blamed for triggering migraine as well. Highlights of this MP3 include

  • Altering thought processes to reduce stress
  • Facilitating elimination of foods which are triggers for you
  • Experiencing truly deep levels of tranquility


ProMigraine BONUS Track 1:   AURA TRACK 

Some migraineurs suffer neurological features prior to the pain of their migraine. These neurological  features, often referred to as ‘aura’, can affect vision and hearing or can present as uncomfortable sensations in the body.  If you suffer with aura which affects your vision for example you will be familiar with incidences where your eyesight becomes temporarily blurred or partially distorted. When hearing is affected,  an example would be where the most subtle of sounds become grating to listen.  This track was designed specifically to address these and other neurological features typical of the aura phase which some migraineurs suffer with.



Grab hold of the present life you are living.  Look at any obstacles, real or perceived that you believe are holding you back and turn those obstacles into opportunities. After all, if others are changing direction because they choose to let challenges divert them from the same purpose, there is opportunity for exclusivity.  Imagine what it would feel like to leap over those hurdles in your mind and truly create the life of your dreams.

  • Programme your mind to see obstacles as positive challenges
  • Sow the seeds of belief in your ability to pursue the life you wish to live
  • Clear those hurdles in your mind
  • Accelerate that journey to living the life you dream of



Once you have used the ProMigraine System for a few months and programmed your mind successfully so that your mind is free from worrying about migraine and you are more able to do the things you want to do, you can stay on track by listening to the maintenance track once or twice a week.  Repetition is an integral part of hypnosis. This maintenance mp3 will

  • Re-enforce the positive beliefs you have accumulated during the programme
  • Augment the thought processes which have led to productive behaviour patterns to support a life  with fewer migraines, and in some instances perhaps no migraine


ProMigraine BONUS Track 4: SLEEP WELL

In one study of 1,283 people suffering with migraine, over half found that they had difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. For those times when you have been hours suffering with migraine, unable to sleep, this track will sweep you away into dream-land so you can recover those lost hours and wake up feeling refreshed, energised and full of energy.

ProMigraine BONUS Track 5: How to Change Anything and Everything Effortlessly

Migraines can consume a lot of time. They can also spurn thoughts which restrict lifestyle choices. As you melt down into a wonderfully relaxed state listening to this mp3 you can allow your mind to explore the exciting concept of a fantastic life with fewer migraines. Just let your mind drift and allow yourself to picture all the ways in which your life can improve. As you drift into deep relaxation it’s good to let your imagination capture just how easy the change to such a lifestyle can be.


ProMigraine BONUS Track 6: GOAL SETTING

Become the architect of your new life. Stand back for a moment and allow yourself to look through the lens into the future life which you are creating. What would your new world look like?

  • See, feel and imagine your life as  you want it to be
  • Shine the spotlight on those areas of your life you wish to enrich
  • In the words of Napoleon Hill, author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.’ Use this very special hypnosis mp3 to conceive a life full of fun, happiness and joy and to establish the belief in your mind that you can achieve your life goals.