No. of Sessions.. Hypnotherapy vs Psychoanalysis vs Behavioural Therapy

Therapy                                                   Recovery Rate                  No. of Sessions 

Psychoanalysis                                             38%                                600  

Wolpian (Behavioural) Therapy               72%                                22

Hypnotherapy                                               93%                                6 


Consider Your Choice of Therapy Carefully.
Consider Your Choice of Therapy Carefully.


Sometimes life can be that simple. A widely quoted study by Dr. Alfred Barrios compared Hypnotherapy with Psychoanalysis and Behavioural Therapy. ( Barrios, A. (1970) Hypnotherapy, A Reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Spring Issue)

Dr. Barrios took into consideration 1,018 articles dealing with hypnosis, 899 articles on psychoanalytic therapy and 355 on behavior therapy. The results were pretty startling. Longer therapies were found to less effective. See the table above for the results. 


Like all professions, experience and education are important considerations when choosing any therapist or training in a particular field. Certainly there are horses for courses and no one type of treatment will suit everyone but certainly the statistics are something to consider before embarking on a personal journey of change. If you are interested in experiencing hypnotherapy one on one or in training to be a hypnotherapist make sure to go to and check out our range of services there. You could make massive changes in your own or in others’ lives in just a few hours. Special discount on our hypnotherapy course for anyone quoting ‘ProMigraine’. Next course starting in Dublin Sept 20/21st.  Call us on 091 720145 for more details.

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