Irish Times Article 4th August 2015

Many thanks to medical journalist Michelle McDonagh for a lovely article in The Irish Times on August 4th 2015. It is great to be able to let more people with migraines know that there is a natural solution for managing migraines. Michelle did a fantastic job of painting a picture of the typical week in the migraine clinic. Although my other passion is sport psychology it is a good balance and of course athletes, like everyone else, can get migraines too and exercise can be a beneficial adjunct to any migraine management programme as well. Sport and exercise has a positive effect on mood and can help decrease stress, one of the biggest triggers of migraine. The ProMigraine Programme has been clinically trialled in a PHD which I undertook and resulted in a 60% drop in pain catastrophizing and a 48% drop in headache disability in just ten weeks. Now migraine patients can come to the clinic for a personalized one on one consultation or the CDs and MP3 are available to buy from this very website. Have a look at our Reviews section on the website and hear how other migraine patients found the programme. IMG_0961

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