What is unique about the ProMigraine Program?

  • The Program developer has over ten years of experience working with people who want to move forward to a better place
  • This programme was scientifically researched and proven to reduce migraine disability. It is backed by a thorough understanding of migraines and how they affect individuals.
  • The testimonials on this website are real, authentic testimonials from people who have tried and tested our product.
  • The combination of unique motivational strategies with powerful hypnotic programming can provide you with cutting edge strategies to manage your migraines naturally.

How often should I listen to the CDs or MP3s?

It is advisable to listen to CDs 1 to 4 sequentially over four weeks. Listen to CD 1 for example three times a week for week one, then move on to CD 2 on week two, listening to that three times a week for week two and so on with the first four CDs for the first four weeks. Then listen to any one of these four CDs once a week alongside any of your bonus CDs once a week or as you feel works best for you. We recommend you continue listening to the CDs for at least ten weeks and enjoy listening to the ProMigraine Maintenance Track (CD7) to maintain the improvements.

Why Purchase the ProMigraine Program?

Attending personal one on one sessions with Niamh Flynn  to take control of your migraines and change your life for the better could cost you €€€€€€ thousands of euro in fees –  not to mention the time you might have to take off work. However, she has designed and developed the ProMigraine Program which you can access directly from this website or you can purchase the hard copy of the ProMigraine Program and have it delivered to your door within ten working days you can help yourself take control easily and effortlessly in the comfort of your own home.

Click HERE and purchase your program now.

What is the best sequence for listening to the CDs?

During the clinical trial the first four CDs were used and the following sequence (excluding the bonus CDs) was recommended. We have added the bonus CDs following the request of those participating in the trial. Enjoy the CDs and make sure to let us know about the improvements you notice.
Week 1: CD/MP3 One three or more times this week
Week 2: CD /MP3 Two three or more times this week
Week 3: CD /MP3 Three three or more times this week
Week 4: CD /MP3 Four three or more times this week
Week 5: CD /MP3 One twice or more times this week plus any of the bonus CDs
Week 6: CD /MP3 Two three or more times this week plus any of the bonus CDs
Week 7: CD /MP3 three three or more times this week plus any of the bonus CDs
Week 8: CD /MP3 Four three or more times this week plus any of the bonus CDs
Week 9: CD /MP3 One three or more times this week plus any of the bonus CDs
Week 10: CD /MP3 Two three or more times this week plus any of the bonus CD
Week 11 onwards: repeat the pattern

What if I miss a week?

That’s ok! Life is busy. Just get back on track straight away by scheduling time in your diary. It may be useful to think of this time as a very important appointment.

I regularly keep a migraine diary. Should I continue to do so?

Yes for sure. Just add another part to the diary documenting how many times you listened to your CDs/MP3s and  you might be pleasantly surprised when you look back and compare patterns of when you are and when you are not listening to the CDs.

Can I get a refund after downloading the ProMigraine program?

Downloads are not refundable, exchangeable or returnable.

Once your ProMigraine hypnosis MP3s have been downloaded successfully we are not responsible for loss of digital downloads occurring as a result of technical issues. If you have any issue downloading the MP3s please email niamh@promigraine.com Ensure that you back up your ProMigraine hypnosis MP3s immediately after purchase so that you can restore your data should it be lost once your transaction is complete.

How do download my MP3s?

  1. Choose the ‘Buy Now’ option. Once you are directed to PayPal make sure you use a correct email address. Once payment has been verified you will receive an email with a link to a zip file of all ten ProMigraine MP3s.
  2. Please download the ProMigraine MP3s directly to your computer before transferring from your computer to a mobile device. Most mobile devices will not facilitate direct downloads.
  3. Please make sure you have broadband when downloading your files as the file is quite large.
  4. Sometimes the link to your download will go to your spam folder. Please check this folder if you do not receive the download in your inbox.
  5. The ProMigraine MP3s will be delivered in a zip format. Most computers will automatically unzip the file in to individual files. When prompted, choose the option ‘run’ to download your file.