Boston NGH Conference

I am just back from Boston after a fantastic conference in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Wow! What a great honor to speak alongside the hypnosis greats such as Jim Cullen, Dr. Brackelmanns, Ron Elsinger and many more. Super content at this conference … Continued

Prophylactic Migraine Medications

Prophylactic Migraine Medications For those who have been officially diagnosed with migraine and are receiving medical treatment two types of medication are typically prescribed.  For less frequent migraines abortive medication might be used to stop the headache in it’s tracks. … Continued

Videos Red River Studios

As Oscar Wilde said ‘Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known’ which might explain the considerable number of enquiries I have received already about the videos on the ProMigraine website. To answer your enquiries, they … Continued

Galway Bay FM May 5 2014

We were delighted to have a ProMigraine stand at the Loughrea Diecast Model Show last Sunday, May 5th 2014. What a great day. It was so well organised by R&M exhibitions that we were given a prime spot in the … Continued

Magnesium and Migraine

Magnesium is a mineral and it is required for healthy bones and teeth as well as a host of other functions in the body. It is particularly important for individuals who suffer with migraine, perhaps because of the fact that … Continued

Botox and Migraine

Approximately two and a half years ago, in October 2010, the FDA gave approval for the use of Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) for the treatment of chronic migraine. This approval was granted on the basis of results from two clinical … Continued

The Stages of Pain

When you know what to expect it can be easier to prepare.. Here are five stages of migraine which have been identified.. Stage 1: Prodrome Stage (changes in mood, high or low energy… ) Stage 2: Aura Stage (usually occurs … Continued